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Tell us about any experience you have working with Adults with ID/DD
Are you interested in working in the SCV or SFV or Both
We provide coaching 24/7, 365. Shifts are Days 8am-3pm, Eve 3pm-10pm overnights 10pm-8am. Please tell us your availability. Including Sundays.
Do you have any physical limitations? Walking, exercising, lifting, swimming etc.
How many hours are you interested in working per week? (We have positions for 1 shift/wk to Full Time and everything in between)
Are you interested and able to work with someone who requires attendant care?
Are you interested in a paid roommate position?
One person we support is a night owl. Are you interested in shifts 6PM-2AM. If yes, what nights are you available?
Do you have a working car and vehilce Insurance?
Can you provide the required documents listed in the job requirements section?