Commercial Property Manager Coordinator

Job Posted 9/20/2022
Technicon Construction Inc/Diamond Development LLC
26306 Diamond Pl., Ste. 100
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
United States
Part-Time and/or Full-Time
Experience Required
Degree Required
Job Start Date
$19.00 to $30.00 Per Hour
No Travel
Job Description
Depends on employee's and employers schedule .1 day of the week could be permitted.
The administrative assistant for property management provides general office support to the property management and construction department. The assistant manages files, paperwork and tracks expenses as well as other property management tasks as directed.
-Provides general clerical assistance for the property management/construction department. Manages , files and organizes and tracks paperwork associated with the properties.
-Maintains correspondence between city agencies.
-Develops budget documentation and justifications for operating budgets for properties.
-Collects maintenance work order, maintains database of work progress and completion, as well as unit maintenance histories. 
-Prepares vendor contact negotiation process for new and expiring contracts for services at property sites.
-Codes vendor bills for payment, with guidance from supervisor and submits them for approval and payment.
-Receives rent and security deposit monies from tenants, verifying accuracy before recording to rent rolls.
Lila Haimoff

Santa Clarita CA
United States