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Benefits of Wine Storage

The three factors that have the most direct impact on a wine's condition are light, humidity and temperature. A fourth consideration can be security. At All Corked Up, Santa Clarita's premier and affordable wine storage facility, we take care of all four and more!


• Keep your wines in the ideal conditions so they can age to perfection
• Free your storage space at home
• Your investment is safe and secure


• Private lockers of various sizes
• Computerized "Smart Controller" monitors and maintains ideal conditions:
    ? optimal temperature and humidity all year round
• Anti-vibration mats
• Proper air flow
• Protection from outside lighting conditions
• Back-up generator ensures critical equipment will always be running
• Key Pad entry system with personal access code
• 24 Hour Video Surveillance


FACT: Wine should be held at a temperature which assures its proper rate of maturity. Temperature fluctuations can be fatal to wines. High temperatures can cause the cork to move up the neck of the bottle creating a bigger gap of air between the wine and the cork. This increased gap will accelerate the oxidation process.

ACU’s climate control system for the storage lockers is completely independent from the rest of the facility and it is equipped with a computerized "Smart Controller" within its condensing units designed to monitor ideal temperature all year round. In the event of a power outage, ACU has its own backup generator that will provide power to the storage facility and its systems.


FACT: Proper humidity is critical to the storage of wine. Too low a humidity can cause corks to dry out, crack and allow more air into the bottle. Too high a humidity will encourage mold to develop damaging not only the cork but the labels as well.

The ACU’s "Smart Controller" also maintains the ideal humidity.

Air Flow/Vibration:

FACT: Vibration that can upset the equilibrium and normal development of wine.
Our storage lockers are built to allow proper air flow and reduce unnecessary vibration, both important factors in proper storage. The lockers are built on anti-vibration mats eliminating any vibration. The "Smart Controller" maintains proper air flow that can pass evenly through the locker units.


FACT: Ultra-Violet light can be harmful to wine.
ACU has eliminated all natural light into the storage facility protecting the wine from outside lighting conditions. Our storage facility lighting is motion activated to minimize the damage caused to wines by prolonged exposure to light.


A key pad entry system allows access into the storage facility which also tracks who and when someone has entered. Access codes are only issued to those whom have executed a lease contract and have their information and photo id on file.

ACU has taken the security of the entire facility very seriously. Video cameras record traffic in and around the facility. In addition to ACU management, a security company monitors activity at the facility. Additionally, the "Smart Controller" in the refrigeration unit will notify ACU management if there is a variation in temperature or humidity.