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Advanced Care Animal Hospital
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Established in October of 2012, ACAH is Santa Clarita's newest, and most advanced, veterinary facility.

The dream of Dr. Amanda Gillen, ACAH was designed with the goal of providing a one-stop medical center, with the most sophisticated medical equipment, outstanding facility, skilled nursing, and friendliest staff, to make our patient's and client's care a truly unique experience.

ACAH understands, and respects, the client-patient bond, and we care for the entire "pet-human" family unit. After all, our patients don't walk into our facility alone! We understand that in caring for them, we really are also caring for you. Clear, thorough, friendly, and approachable, are qualities that we value from our doctors to our reception staff.

ACAH is equipped to care for your pet throughout his/her lifetime, and through anything from routine wellness care, to specialized procedures- from orthopedic surgery, to chemotherapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, MRI, emergency and critical care, and stem cell treatment.

We have direct access to numerous specialists in all fields of veterinary medicine, from radiology, to anesthesiology, to internal medicine and oncology, enabling us to consult directly with them about your pet's case, without having to leave our facility.

The heart of ACAH, however, is its primary medical staff. Dr. Amanda Gillen has been caring for pets for half of her life. She is a rare combination of skillful clinician, and surgeon, as well as an approachable, compassionate, communicator. Having spent the majority of her career in the field of emergency and critical care, Dr.Gillen is very experienced in dealing with complex, or life-threatening, medical conditions, and is a gifted diagnostician. Her dedication to her patients, and her love of her profession, are unparalleled, and it shows!