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"I am so impressed with the response received when I posted the position of Office/Warehouse Assistant on I have never received this type of response with any other medium used in the past. Over 100 responses in the first couple days. The number of qualified candidates was remarkable."
Thank you JobStore!
Belinda Crawford
Executive Director Food Pantry

"Just wanted to let you know that compared side by side with the results we are getting from Craigslist versus there is simply no comparison. You guys are hands down the best, about 7 applicants from to every 1 from Craigslist. I have been using Craigslist for years so I’m very impressed what you’ve guys have done here, thanks!"
Richard Blakely
Advanced Ops Corp.

" has provided a wealth of candidates for us to select from. In the few short weeks we advertised open positions for our web services company we have received over a dozen qualified candidates. We've used other avenues for finding employees in the past but never received the same success. We will continue to use for all of our future employment needs."
Rob Gardner
Santa Clarita Web Services

"Your website response to our job openings was amazing. It proves that pictures are really worth.... Seeing your advertising vans in our Industrial Park worked great for us as an employer. Fast, straight forward responses and filled positions in less that a week. Thanks for providing this great service."
Susan Halliday
Excel Manufacturing, Inc.

Over the years I’ve posted job openings with a majority of the “usual sources” and have never received a response as phenomenal as with JobStore! My inbox was literally flooded with resumes of qualified job seekers. Your promotion of the web site combined with the user friendly web environment and local focus is a clear winner. When I factored the affordability of the ad against the number of resumes received, my investment was just cents on the dollar per qualified job seeker. I assure you I will always use in the future!
Thank you!
Scott Moon
Dynamite Insurance Brokerage

"Our organization values the top notch service and increased local exposure offered by Our recruiters utilize the site in conjunction with our in-house recruiting systems, yielding an amplified ROI and steady flow of qualified applicant traffic. Thanks for the partnership JobStore."
David Bolde
Business Operations SelectRemedy, Inc.

"Just would like to say thanks. I posted my resume and applied for a few jobs this morning, Within two hours I had two interviews lined up. I'm impressed by how quick the employers got back to me."
Greggory Mcmillio
Job Seeker